Saturday, December 10, 2011

the tortoise speaks

Flynn here ... I've heard feedback from several folks that I have dropped off the radar.  Sorry about that.  Truth be told, I've had a difficult time lately.  Illness and a pulled muscle have presented physical challenges, but really the mental game has been my biggest hurdle.  Over a luxurious week+ Thanksgiving break I seriously considered catching the train back to Montana.  I was pretty satisfied having reached the "east", but I just wasn't ready to head home.  It seemed like the only way to honor everything that had gone into this adventure was to end it with an unclouded sense of completion.  I was weary of the touring life but capable of going farther, so I saddled Betty up and hit the road again.

Camping in December?  Chilly, but charming.  We cuddle up in the tent for long evenings of snacky dinners and reading out loud.  The limited daylight hours are the only truly frustrating thing about biking this time of year ... especially considering that both Nathaniel and I struggle to get going early in the morning.  We rolled our way over the beautiful Allegheny Mountains one huge hill at a time blessed with lovely weather.  Made it to Scranton, PA just as a storm hit and accepted a most welcome ride from Richard and Dawn Brock through classic hypothermia weather, 40degrees and pouring rain. 

We're now in Kingston, NY at Nathaniel's sister's house.  Playing with their two kiddos and enjoying some cosy time before the final push to the coast.  Slow and steady, as the tortoise goes ...

Cape Cod for Christmas??  Let's hope it doesn't take that long.

...and congratulations to Emily and Carolyn who have finished the journey!!  They sure worked hard to get there and I look forward to hearing their stories over warm drinks whenever our paths cross again.   

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